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DSC01576DH and I took off this morning for a vacation with his family, to the place of their roots. We left out from North Carolina, set our GPS for Pennsylvania, turned on a book-on-tape, and made plans to be at our destination around 3:30 that afternoon. We came to the outskirts of DC around 130, which was right on schedule. In just two hours, we’d be where we were going. Around 3:30, we were about 25 miles down the road from where we were at 1:30. Apparently everyone and their dog left work early, and rush hour must’ve started about noon. By about 5:30, we had finally made it to Baltimore, which on a good day is only about 45 minutes from DC.

If it was just us, it would have been aggravating. But as the situation were, his family was waiting for us at our first stop– where there wasn’t much else besides what we were doing. They got in around 230, making plans to kill some time. By time we hit Baltimore, they were worn out.

FINALLY, we got moving at a decent speed, and got within about 15 miles of our destination. But then, wouldn’t ya know it… there was a major traffic jam on this little tiny road. And all we could do was sit. Finally we got close enough to an exit that we didn’t care where it went, and took it. After all, the GPS would figure out something. Everywhere we went, the road we were supposed to take was blocked. Our GPS was getting madder and madder, and finally said, “Please turn around.” But we were certain we were not going back to that little bitty traffic jammed road, so we kept on. We finally found a road that seemed to be going somewhere, and we were able to travel at a comfortable 17 miles per hour (which compared to 5 miles an hour was pretty significant), and then as a car turned off, we realized what the slow down was. We were stuck behind an Amish buggy.

We figured that maybe God didn’t want us to get there, or at least wanted us to take our time. After that, we had a good laugh, and enjoyed the wandering, off schedule, trip. And it was some of the most gorgeous scenery we had ever seen: Amish country at Sunset.


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