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This Sunday, we’re celebrating the kickoff to our Christian Education year. I guess, most churches are doing that with in the next week or two. But for us, this is a little bit different. We’re not celebrating continuing something… we’re hoping to start a Sunday School program. We have exactly one “youth” in our congregation–and here we are having a rally day. I’m hoping folks will bring neighbors and grandkids, and that maybe we’ll be able to generate enough energy that they might come back. It definitely feels weird, though, rallying around something we don’t have. I guess you could say I’m operating on the “If you build it, they will come” philosophy.

I sure hope they come– my sermon is geared completely for the younger crowd. If none show, I’m going to have some bored grownups, who will wonder why I’m dressed like a pirate. (I’ll post on that later…) I’ve gotten a lot of things together, and we’ll commission our teachers (who have agreed to teach, despite that right now we don’t have any one to teach.) I couldn’t find a litany I liked, so here’s the one I wrote for the day. I’m going to have the teachers take a helium filled balloon as they are commissioned, and then we’re all going to go to the front steps–and release a balloon each time we say, “Let us soar”.

God, you call us to be your children.
May our laughs remind us that we are yours.

Let us soar!

You call us to hear the stories and learn about you.
May every story remind us of your great love for us.

Let us soar!

You call us to come close to you.
May you pull us closer and closer every day.

Let us soar!

You call us to talk to you.
May you whisper gently in our ears every time we bow our heads.

Let us soar!

You call us to be kind and helpful to other people.
May you give us kind hearts.

Let us soar!

Living God, as we start a brand new year and brand new program, may we shine your light in all that we do. May you bless the work done here, and all those that pass through our doors. Amen


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