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Yesterday, I stood under the steeple and listened to the bells chime three o’clock, but contrary to all the other times I’ve heard it, I won’t forget that moment.

The husband called me on his way home and told me there had been a huge wreck at the church, and all these sirens kept heading in that direction.  I thought I’d go, and see if there was anything I could do…like open up the church and let the police use the rooms to take statements or whatever. But little did I know that I wouldn’t be doing anything so easy.

As I got there I saw a church member who quickly filled me in.  What I supposed to be a smallish gold car turned out to be the gold van of a church member and her sister–the same gold van that pulled up into my driveway a few weeks ago to bring me flowers to welcome me to the neighborhood.  I started the prayer chain at the church and told everyone to pray.  Life force came and landed on the front lawn, and they pulled a lady out.  But just as I saw her moving and knew she was alive, the fire chief came and told me that the member of my church had died.

I was there to tell her husband, and I had my hands on the shoulders of the son as he went to the car and held his mom.  And I was in Chapel Hill and cried as I told the sister that her sister hadn’t made it.  These are the things, I think, that they don’t teach you in seminary.

May meeting God be as glorious as you imagined, Betty Lou.  And may God hold you, Ms. Virginia, in his hands, especially these days.


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