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Ok, I’ve done it. I put it out there. I asked my church to spend a few minutes each day during the entire month of June praying for the work of the Holy Spirit, both in our church and in the church all over the world. One of the things I’ve been convinced of lately is that the church really has a unique answer for the world. (Though I don’t think we “do” church because of what we can get out of it, I do think the world is hungering to believe in something bigger than themselves. As much as we talk about being D-I-Y’ers, I think our greatest fear might be that we are all alone in the world.) I’m surprised at myself, but I’ve personally been praying for the Holy Spirit to move is crazy, miraculous ways for a long time. And suddenly, I think, as a result of all this praying, I’ve discovered a ministry passion for seeing a great, widespread, reawakening in the church universal. Dare I say it, but even a revival? (I’m pretty sure this word carries some scary baggage, especially in the south, but I think it’s the exact word I want. The root is similar in many languages, and it has the same basis as “life”. Thus if you are re-viving, you are bringing life again. I think that’s exactly the right word choice for what I hope happens in the church.)

As I’ve talked with several colleagues, I’ve realized what a dangerous thing it can be to pray…and not only that, but to pray for the work of the Holy Spirit. If prayer really makes any sort of difference, then something might actually start. Praying for the Holy Spirit– well, it might ask me to preach the dangerous texts. It might ask the church to change some long held traditions. And if the Holy Spirit really got loose– well it might just bring folks who aren’t like us into the church.

Even still, I pray for the Holy Spirit, not only in the church where I pastor, but all over the world. Wake us up, shake us up. Veni Sancte Spiritus– come, Holy Spirit!


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