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Holding a Vision

As I was talking with a colleague this morning, he mentioned that one of the things they don’t teach you in seminary is how to move beyond the nitty-gritty of a preacher’s week and create a vision for the church which you have been charged with pastoring.  I’ve realized that this is especially important in small church ministry as I am the staff. (And by that I mean, preacher, pastor, secretary, plumber…) But I’m staying so busy that all I can really do is keep up with my day to day tasks–forget shaping a vision and creating new things.  Right now, I’m not even reading intelligent things (despite my vow to spend an hour each morning reading things relevant to my job like “Biblical Perspectives on Evangelism”, “Aging and the 21st Century church”, and “Leading from the table”– all on the short list of things to read soon. )

I have plans of things I’d like to do with the church: a weekly book study/taize service (alternating between the two things each week), an advent and lenten devotional time, etc, etc.  But still I have no vision for what I hope to see us doing in the next 3-5 years.  I’m in the process of talking with the leaders of the congregation to help us develop a vision that is faithful to what we are (i.e. we’re never going to be that hip mega church…that’s not faithful to the identity that we have.) I wonder– how do we go about shaping an idea that leads us to a growing edge while still recognizing what we are?


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